Your Team

is a group of great professionalists

wants to jump to a higher level of effectiveness

needs more of close cooperation, trust, mutual understanding

faces new challenges

could better deal with conflicts and different perspectives or even make great use of them

wants to perform better in the on-line reality


Effectiveness in a team is not only about delivering projects on time or reaching targets. They are the goals, but, for an on-going cooperation, company benefit and our own safisfaction, it is equally important to build true, professional and interpersonal connection between the team or project members.

To support your team with both, every-day and exceptional challenges, we’ve created number of workshops and programs that would make your team as good as never before. We believe in experience, more than in training, so our work with you is focused on making the tranformation happen rather than “teaching about a change”.

Our programs are customized for your needs. We can also create something specially dedicated to your business situation.

Your team can benefit from:


Deep developmental program created and brought to Europe by John J. Scherer. This course is designed to challenge and strenghten you to unleash your inner potential and to let you transform yourself and world around.

LDI is based on John’s 5 Questions that change everything:

Q1: What CONFRONTS me?

Q2: What am I BRINGING?

Q3: What RUNS me?

Q4: What CALLS me?

Q5: What will UNLEASH me?

The course is not just a standard “sit-and-take-notes” training. It is a deep, intensive and personal experience, that will broaden your current way of thinking and deepen your connection to what is most important to your life.

LDI can be done for your team as a group – this creates a unique and outstanding connection and understanding between team memebers. You can also send your people to our open workshops. Check the Open Events section below to see the nearest open courses or contact us directly to book the dates for your team.


Areas and topics that our customers value the most:

Conflict – Door to Development

My Path to Authentic Leadership

Motivation – 5 Languages of Appreciation

Leadership Based on Aikido

Coaching towards Effective Career Management

Essentials Skills for Authentic Leadership

Introverts – Hidden Power of Your Team


You can also use our Coaches for individual or team work with life and business challenges.

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