T-GROUP Experience

T-GROUP is a group intensive that is a powerful, efficient, and reliable way to learn about self and your impact on others, so you can increase your influence and results.


You will get to know the group dynamics process originated by Kurt Lewin and shaped into the T-Group experience. This would allow you to better understand your own and others behaviour and emotions in group situations, resulting in more efficient leading your teams, your coachees and your meetings/projects.

This practice group deepens skills through doing them in an experiential process that includes extensive feedback from peers and faculty. Each session will include some theory, normally coupled with skill practice, and followed by a unique adapted T-Group.

The skills explored in this group are beyond just how to lead and or facilitate a group… they are also the skills in how to be authentic to both self and community in real time, as a participant in any group, regardless of official role.  

This is a hands-on learning experience designed to help you grow your skills as an authentic and creative presence in any environment. This group is about stretching group-process skills in all aspects of group dynamics, including tension, conflict, etc. 

T-GROUP Experience will support you in deepening not only your self-awareness, but also your awareness of self-as-member-of-a-group, and further, expand your capacity to contribute to any group’s deeper “group awareness”.


Timing: 5–days workshop, 10-14 June 2024

Each day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Group size: 10-12 people

We will work in 1 or 2 groups (depending on number of participants). One group will be dedicated to Trainers (Business Trainers, Coaches, etc.).

Language: English

Location: Centrum Inspiracje, ul. Kremowa 7, Warszawa.


T-GROUP – Group Dynamics Experience: 6 396 PLN gross (5 200 PLN net)

(we issue VAT invoices)

Fee covers training room, lunches and coffee breaks.

Accommodation is on your own. We can suggest nearby hotels, you can count app. 70 EUR/night.


Gil Crosby


He has been an OD practitioner since 1984. He is on a mission to apply Kurt Lewin’s methods to organizational and social change, and to spread Lewin’s methods to the world. Mr. Crosby asserts that the OD profession doesn’t need new theories as much as it needs to understand and apply Lewin’s universal theory of social science, including concepts such as democratic style of leadership, group dynamics, group decision, the social construction of reality, minority relations, re-education, field theory, and change as three steps. When integrated these concepts form a systemic approach that can be applied by hourly workers, community organizers, and PhDs alike. 

Gil is an author of books:

  • Diversity without Dogma: A Collaborative Approach to Leading DEI Education and Action 
  • Planned Change: Why Kurt Lewin’s Social Science is Still Best Practice for Business Results, Change Management, and Human Progress
  • Spirituality and Emotional Intelligence: Wisdom from the World’s Spiritual Sources Applied to EQ for Leadership and Professional Development
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze: Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Science, Systems Theory & Leadership.  
Chris Crosby


Chris has re-founded LIOS after its demise in 2018. He has been a practitioner of Organization Development for 29 years, including 8 years internal at Alcoa. Mr. Crosby’s unique strategic engagement methods help leaders connect their whole organization to overcome obstacles previously thought unattainable. Chris is grounded in applied behavioral science with an eye towards emotional intelligence (EQ). He produces unique leadership programs and trains internal OD departments in the tools needed to transform organizations. Beyond his consulting work, he teaches Organizational Change and Transformation at Gonzaga University in their change leadership track and just spent four years as the President of the Board of the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network where he tripled membership. 

He is the author of books: 

  • Strategic Organizational Alignment: Power, Authority, Results
  • Strategic Engagement: Practical Tools to Raise Morale and Increase Results – Volume I: Core Activities
  • Strategic Engagement: Practical Tools to Raise Morale and Increase Results – Volume II: System-wide Activities.