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Most of our actions are custom-made for you and your organization. However, from time to time, we also do open programs for people who want to take the experience independently from their everyday business environment.


We support the development of organizations/companies, teams and leaders through the following programs and workshops:

Leadership ESSENTIALS workshop – How to find yourself in a leadership role? A 2-day workshop for people at the beginning of their managerial career. This is a work with the development of key leadership competencies in the role of a manager. We use here for you our experience, that from working with the business and that brought from the extraordinary philosophy and long practice of AIKIDO (Japanese martial art). For more information, click HERE.

LDI – Leadership Development Intensive program – Intensive 4-day Leader self-awareness workshop, preceded by preliminary work and followed by monthly support. Dedicated to senior managers – people with many years of experience in leading people, who want to expand their knowledge of their own patterns and possibilities. The entire program closes in 1.5 months. For more information click HERE.

EDI – Executive Development Intensive program – This is an individual, unique version of the program, based on the LDI process. This course is conducted for a single participant, usually an executive or board level person. The dates and location are tailored to fit your calendar. The entire program includes pre-work, an intensive 3.5-day residential workshop and post-workshop support, and closes in 1.5 months. For more information click HERE or CONTACT US.

EDI Coaching Online program – This is a series of 6 x 2.5-hour individual online coaching meetings based on the EDI process. Dedicated to individuals at the board or “executive” level. The entire process takes 3 months. For more information click HERE or CONTACT US.

Corporate workshops tailored to your specific needs. Examples of topics that our customers value the most: Conflict – Door to Development (workshop based on Aikido), My Path to Authentic Leadership, Motivation – 5 Languages of Appreciation, Leadership Based on Aikido, Introverts – Hidden Power of Your Team. For more information CONTACT US.


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