You are a Leader that:

is a professional and still developing

faces new challenges

is keen on what more can be discovered

starts a new chapter in your professional or private life

knows about “hard” and “soft” dimentions of management

wants to dive deeper into own potential and life possibilities

looks for more, in life and business


With Open-Mind Leadership approach you are able to link the “hard” and “soft” worlds of your business and life existance, to balance the goal focus with care for people, to reach the highest effectiveness by combining your biggest professional strenghts and who you truly internally are.

Open-Mind Leadership means for us the harmonized way of being and working, bringing awareness to everything we do.

For supporting you with your challenges, opening your full potential and discovering new solutions and possibilities we invite you to use one of our proven methods:


Deep developmental program created and brought to Europe by John J. Scherer. This course is designed to challenge and strenghten you to unleash your inner potential and to let you transform yourself and world around.

LDI is based on John’s 5 Questions that change everything:

Q1: What CONFRONTS me?

Q2: What am I BRINGING?

Q3: What RUNS me?

Q4: What CALLS me?

Q5: What will UNLEASH me?

The course is not just a standard “sit-and-take-notes” training. It is a deep, intensive and personal experience, that will broaden your current way of thinking and deepen your connection to what is most important to your life.

Check the Open Events section below to see the nearest open courses or contact us directly.


Individual program based on John J. Scherer’s LDI design and 5 Questions that change everything. This course is conducted exclusively for one person, usually senior executive. The dates and venue can be arranged to suit your schedule.

EDI can be delivered in two formats – as one off-site event or set of on-line development sessions.

Contact us to schedule your course.


You can also use our Coaches for personalized work with your life and business challenges.

Contact us to schedule the first meeting.

Caring for your Team development? Look here.

And check here what we have for your Organization.


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