LDI – Leadership Development Intensive (5th-8th December 2023)




Leadership Development Intensive

A Unique Leader Self-Awareness Program

created by John J. Scherer

This is NOT a training. Both, Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) and Executive Development Intensive (EDI) programs are deep and personal experiences, that will broaden your current way of thinking and deepen your connection to what is most important to your life.


„I recommend this program to all who feel a need to re connect with themselves, especially for leaders who feel a need of redefining their understanding of leadership.”

“Inspiring, deep, intensive, transformational. I strongly recommend and I will definitely be coming back.”

“Itis an experience for people who are not afraid of discovering who they really are. It is for those who are not afraid of feelings, expressing them, and ready to free themselves from barriers that they put themselves in.”

“Amazing 4 days. Great investment. Absolutely worth it!”


It is a deep developmental program created and brought to Europe by John J. Scherer. This course is designed to challenge and strenghten you to unleash your inner potential and to let you transform yourself and world around.

LDI helps you discover, unwrap, find your inner source of purpose, power and peace. It has been built for executives, managers, team leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders and anyone who wants to develop confidence in growing themselves and others.

We offer this extraordinary course as open-enrollment programs as well as in-house workshops dedicated for teams working together. We work onsite or online.


It is an individual, unique version of the program based on John J. Scherer’s LDI design. This course is conducted exclusively for one person, usually senior executive. The dates and venue can be arranged to suit your schedule.

EDI can be delivered in two formats – as one off-site event or set of on-line development sessions.

CONTACT US directly for scheduling your individual executive experience.


Take the 5 Questions and transform your life.

Here are the outcomes you can expect:

Knowing the difference between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed

Unhooking from counter-productive reactions and patterns
Producing extraordinary results in the face of obstacles
Being able to resolve un-resolvable conflicts productively
Becoming a communicator who hears – and is heard – deeply
Turning work into a powerful vehicle for life-long personal and leadership development
Tuning into the deepest personal source of power and strength
Working with a greater sense of purpose, power and peace



Pre-work – a 30-minute online EQ self-assessment questionnaire to help set your development goals for the course.

Pre-call – a 45-60-minute online conversation with one of the Facilitators, serving as an introduction to the program.


4-days facilitated individual and group development session with many experiential activities. You will have the opportunity to “face your tigers” in a safe and open environment.

Depending on the particular event formula, the workshop can be conducted as an off-site retreat or as an on-line course.


Post-LDI group calls – two 90-minute group calls to assist in ‘facing tigers’ and applying LDI learnings.

Emails – The 30-Days-To-Change-A-Habit post-LDI email program.


Leaders from over 40 countries around the world have already benefited from this unique work. Take your chance and dive deep into your best self.

Check the Open Events section below to see the nearest open courses or contact us directly for scheduling the in-house session or your individual experience (EDI).

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