I guess we all know this situation when we come up with a truly great idea, get excited, but never really start anything to implement it. Or when we bring crucial changes to our work/company, prepare everything and expect everybody to get engaged and follow – but instead of getting equally excited, they just ignore it or even start to show irritation or resistance…

What usually blocks the change? How to really engage ourselves and our people in the transformation we have initiated?

The answer is in the relationship between what needs to be done and how we feel about it.

There are a few factors deciding whether, or not, specific actions will be taken to put in life our big idea. They all have their internal (in our heads) and external (other people) side.

EMOTIONS – some of us are looking forward to the New, some others look at what is coming with big doubts and fear; all of us somehow go through the Change cycle – from disorientation and maybe denial, through anxiety and sadness to final acceptance and even engagement; acknowledging and supporting this process helps to shorten the “difficult” phases and get sooner to the joy of new reality.

COMFORT OF KNOWN – why change at all? If the “known” is not perfect, but good enough, not outstanding, but comfortable, not dreamed of, but acceptable… To really want to make an effort for change, we need to feel (not only see) the value it would bring to our life. This applies the same way to our people – to implement the change we bring, to engage, they must feel they matter, that the change is theirs, not an external goal. How to do that?

CRITICAL VOICES – independently whether this is your internal critic or people outside that are doubtful, these voices bring crucial values to your change process. Not only hearing them but also looking from their point of view (not losing your own, of course) may bring unexpected forces for your dream coming true.

BEING ALONE – having to implement the change on our own is quite a burden. Sharing your thoughts, feelings and concerns with someone also involved helps to unload, and then focus on reality. Building a team that goes through the change together is even a better idea.

PERFECTIONISM – this touches many of us… How to find the balance between high expectations versus what is possible and still be able to enjoy partial and final results?

CONSISTENCY – bigger changes, that we call Plans or Projects, require consistency. Doing task after task, stage after stage, needs not only a clear vision but also strong internal need to get the result. Do I really want this? Self and team motivation for a longer period can be a challenge that needs to be addressed.

To be truly effective with changes we need to find a way to link what our Mind sees and what our Heart says. To find a balance between hopes and doubts. To build up different sides, personalities, points of view into one wise, powerful implementation mechanism.

So, what is your Next Move? 🙂


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